On our hiatus…

It’s been 6 long months since our last episode, but fear not, loyal listeners (all 4 of you), for episode 15 is in production, which really just means i found a joke i like and i’m gonna structure a whole fucking show around it. *shrugs*


In any case, we have tons to talk about, from Star Trek Online’s move to consoles to the passing of the great Gene Wilder. Stay tuned.





Sorry about not posting, and there not being a new episode for a while.
Our recording equipment (a beat up iPhone 5) broke, so i am waiting on Income Tax to get the money to fix it. We will be back up soon.

In the meantime, Let’s discuss the future. In particular, the future of the podcast.
When we get back up to snuff, we will have a few special guests. The next episode will feature my 6 year old daughter, and I’m going to try to keep it as clean as possible. Next, we will have my brother on again, then (on a to-be-announced date), we will have either Johnny Tatum or Reece Fullwood (from the metal band Eumeria, our sponsor) or, preferably, both. So stay tuned for a fun 2016 with LokiCast.

TL;DR – We will be back when my phone is fixed, special guests.


LokiCast SoundTrack

Had a strange request from a fan. An album, containing the theme songs we use on the show.

So, like the whore that i am, i always please.

It’s the four themes we use, including the LokiCast theme song, LokiCast Headlines, Geek News and Liam Neeson’s Cock. I had to put it in a zip archive just to contain the magnificence that is Liam Neeson’s Cock.

Grab it here.